Lawn Maintenance

Regular lawn mowing services are generally provided on a weekly basis or as needed. Full service is provided including mowing of lawn space, trimming around obstructions and features, edging sidewalks, driveways, and power blowing clear any debris or clippings from hard surfaces and landscape beds.

Lawn Fertilizing

Aerating / Over-Seeding

A lush, healthy lawn relies on a complex balance of chemical content in the soil. While all nutrient components of turf soil factor in and are available for modification. Typical deficiencies of just three major chemical elements – nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) – cause your lawn to look less than stellar. Bare spots, burnouts, crabgrass, weeds, and a wide range of lawn disease can be avoided by a proactive fertilizing regimen. Fertilizing to add the necessary nutrients in the required amounts and at the proper time will help achieve desirable lawn qualities and healthy turf.


  • Hedge and bush trimming/ pruning.
  • Fall and spring leaf cleanup.
  • Weed prevention w/Roundup herbicide services. (landscapes, driveways, parking lots, fence lines)

Regular lawn maintenance is important to the health of your lawn.  Thinning turf is a result of either (or both) soil compaction or deficient soil nutrition. Compacted soil caused by hot, dry summer  months as well as overwintering can kill off otherwise healthy turf.  Grass that is growing in extremely compacted soil will grow very slowly and die off. Core aeration and over-seeding together promotes turf growth and thickens your lawn. Core aeration is the process of removing thousands of small plugs of soil from your lawn. Removing plugs from a lawn relieves soil compaction, allowing oxygen, water and nutrients to easily reach the roots; decreasing the amount of water required for a healthy lawn. Over-seeding increases turf density, producing a thick, full lawn that is more resistant to disease, insects, heavy traffic and drought. The best times to aerate and over-seed are early Spring and early Fall.

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